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From: £500.00 / month

At THS, we go beyond traditional web development, offering long-term support and development for both WordPress and Shopify platforms. We ensure your website excels in reliability, performance, security, and stability, no matter the platform.

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Our Commitment:


We adhere to the highest coding standards, ensuring your site is robust and scalable, ready to grow with your business.


From frontend aesthetics to backend functionality, we optimize every page, content, and image for peak performance.


Utilizing automated backups and thorough file scans, we guarantee seamless site availability.


Our code is secure by design, complemented by meticulous management of user access to safeguard your site.

The THS Difference: Beyond the Code

We’re not just developers; we’re your fast track to online success. Our approach is personable and professional, yet relaxed. We ditch the tech jargon for clear, understandable solutions. With THS, expect a partnership built on approachability, wit, and a commitment to getting your site live swiftly. Your success is our mission, achieved through a blend of expertise, warmth, and dedication to excellence.