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THS Maintenance and Assurance Plan

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Check out our fantastic THS Maintenance and Assurance Plan designed to give you peace of mind!

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Essential Plan

Foundation for Success

£199.00 / month

Plus Plan

Elevate and Excel

£299.00 / month

Essential Plan

Foundation for Success

£179.00 / month

Plus Plan

Elevate and Excel

£269.00 / month

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Grand total £199.00 /month

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Unrivalled Website Care with THS

Elevate your website’s reliability and performance with our THS Maintenance and Assurance Plan. Beyond maintenance, we provide a comprehensive safety net against bugs, ensuring your site’s smooth operation. Our proactive approach includes monthly testing of core site functions like contact forms to catch and resolve issues before they impact your business. Encounter a bug? Report it, and we’ll swiftly take care of it—guaranteed.

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Transform Your Online Presence:
Benefits Beyond Features with THS

Hassle-Free Operations

Enjoy a website that runs smoothly, without the need for constant oversight. Our proactive bug fixes and monthly testing of core site functions—like contact forms—mean you can focus on your business, not on website maintenance.

Boosted Performance

With THS, your website isn’t just maintained; it’s optimised for peak performance. From loading speeds to functionality, we ensure your site offers the best user experience, retaining visitors and converting them into customers.

Reliable Security

Sleep easy knowing your site is protected against the latest threats. Our comprehensive assurance plan covers all bugs, with rapid response times to fix any issues that arise, safeguarding your online presence.

Enhanced Accessibility and SEO

Our accessibility add-on doesn’t just make your site compliant with WCAG and ADA standards; it opens your business to a wider audience and improves search engine rankings, increasing your visibility online.

E-Commerce Excellence

Elevate your online store with features that streamline operations, secure transactions, and enhance customer experience. Our e-commerce add-on ensures your platform is robust, reliable, and ready to scale.

Content That Connects

Keep your site fresh and engaging with our content management add-on. We take the hassle out of updates, ensuring your message remains relevant and resonant with your audience, driving engagement and loyalty.

Choose THS for a Website That Works Harder for Your Business

  • Comprehensive Bug Assurance: All bugs are covered. We actively test and fix—ensuring your site’s optimal performance.
  • Customizable Add-Ons: Specific solutions for your site’s unique needs.
  • Expert Support: Our team is renowned for their swift, effective responses.
  • Peace of Mind: With our dedicated care, your website is always in top shape.

Client Praise

Stars Quote

“Everything looks amazing!! We LOVE IT. Seriously – the best membership site ever. I’m so so so sooooo happy with it all!”

Yasmin Kerkez, Family Support Resources
Stars Quote

“I love working with DreamEditor!”

It is making editing web pages so much more efficient and easier to use. I specifically enjoy being able to see the changes happening in real time so that I clearly know if I like the look of a change I’m making.
I’m looking forward to editing more now with this option!

Alyssa Glaser
Stars Quote

“I’ve been using DreamEditor for the past five months to edit our company website, and it’s been a game-changer.“

The editor interface is really easy to navigate, and the editing tools are perfect for changing content copy and swapping images/videos. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress, making publishing updates a breeze. The real-time co-editing and comment features make teamwork smooth and efficient. DreamEditor has quickly become my go-to tool for our website content updates.

Linda Huynh 
Stars Quote

“They are responsive and worked with you to deliver optimal solutions.”

We collaborate with Two Hours Sleep for the development portion of our custom website projects. Our main goals are to have them build a website based off our designs and add in the ideal functionality to bring this site to feel and be next level. Two Hours Sleep successfully developed a functional website. As a result, the end clients were delighted with the outcome of the platform. They were communicative and responsive in the workflow. Their development skills were critical in the project’s success.

Owner, Rachelpesso.com
Rachel Pesso
Stars Quote

“They were people who can critically think and suggest better ways of doing things.”

We partnered with Two Hours Sleep as a primary go-to web development agency. We look for not only one-to-one development results from our designs but also ways to improve functionality, good communication, and effective problem-solving skills. Our clients are always thrilled when they receive their launched website.

Chief Creative Officer, TwoPlayer
Tiffany Zhang


Choosing Between Essential and Plus

Essential Plan: Foundation for Success – £199

The Essential plan lays a strong foundation for your website’s success, ensuring it’s fast, secure, and optimised for both users and search engines. Perfect for businesses looking to maintain their online presence with efficiency and reliability. 

Cloudflare SetupA CDN service that enhances your website’s speed and security on a global scale.

Value: £50


Google Integration: Analytics and Search consoleSet up Google Analytics and Search console for insightful tracking of website traffic and user behavior.

Value: £30


Enhanced Security SetupImplementation of advanced security measures to protect your website from threats.

Value: £50


Custom Admin LoginCustomisation of your website’s admin login to enhance security.

Value: £30


Automated Database OptimisationImproves website efficiency by optimising database performance.

Value: £40


NitropackA web performance optimisation tool that improves site speed and user experience.

Value: £17


Monthly Form TestingEnsuring all forms on your website function correctly for optimal lead generation.

Value: £50


Monthly ReportsDetailed insights into your website's performance, health, and areas for improvement.

Value: £50


Emergency Monitoring and Reporting SystemA system that alerts us immediately if your site goes down, enabling quick resolution.

Value: £100


Google Insights ComplianceEnsures your website meets Google's standards for Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO.

Value: £100


Hourly Work DiscountGet even more value with a 20% discount on any additional hourly work, making it easier to implement new features and improvements.

Value: 20% discount


Unlimited Bug FixesResolution of any functionality issues to ensure your website remains bug-free.

Value: Unlimited!


Total One-Time Value: £200
Total Recurring Monthly Value: £417
Total Value for the First Month: £617

All yours for: £199/month!

That’s a Savings of:
First Month Savings: £418
Ongoing Monthly Savings: £218!

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Plus Plan: Elevate and Excel – £299

The Plus plan adds exclusive features designed for businesses aiming to elevate their web presence and drive growth. It’s tailored for those who seek more strategic insights. It includes everything in the Essential Plan, plus:

Accessibe SubscriptionAn AI-powered tool that makes your website accessible and compliant with ADA and WCAG standards.

Value: £40


Priority SupportExpedited support service ensuring your queries and issues are addressed promptly.

Value: £100


Hourly Work DiscountGet even more value with a 25% discount on any additional hourly work, making it easier to implement new features and improvements.

Value: 25% discount


E-commerceEnhance your e-commerce operations with comprehensive support including platform updates, secure transaction testing functionality testing, and analytics to boost performance and security.

Value: Over £200


Strategic Check-In MeetingsTailored One-on-one advice and actions to further enhance your website’s performance.

Value: £200


Total One-Time Value: £200
Total Recurring Monthly Value: £957
Total Value for the First Month: £1157

All yours for: £299/month!

That’s a Savings of:
First Month Savings: £858
Ongoing Monthly Savings: £658!

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Optional Add-Ons

Enhance your plan with our fantastic optional add-ons:

Upload Content Add-On:
We Take Care of Your Content Upload for £50/month
  • Stay Current with Content Updates: Ensure your website remains up-to-date and precise. Just share the content with us.
  • Hassle-Free Text Uploads: Be it a blog post or a page update, simply send us the content, and we’ll take care of the uploading process.
  • Engage Through Dynamic Image Uploads: Captivate your audience with striking visuals. We seamlessly upload images across all devices.
  • Seamless Design Integration: Preserve a polished, uniform appearance. Fresh content seamlessly merges with your existing design, maintaining a professional look.
Shared Hosting Add-On:
Experience Reliable Web Hosting for £50/month
  • Effortless Website Management: Enjoy hassle-free website operation with our shared hosting, ensuring your site is always accessible and running smoothly.
  • Optimized Performance: Benefit from a hosting environment that’s optimized for speed and reliability, designed to keep your site performing at its best.
  • Scalable Resources: As your website grows, easily scale your hosting resources to meet your expanding needs without any downtime.
  • Secure and Backed Up: Rest easy knowing your site is secure and backed up regularly, protecting your valuable data against any unforeseen issues.
Dedicated Hosting Add-On:
Unlock Premium Performance with Dedicated Hosting (Pricing varies based on needs)
  • Exclusive Server Resources: Your website will have the full resources of a server, providing unparalleled speed, reliability, and security.
  • Customizable Solutions: Tailor every aspect of your hosting environment to perfectly fit the specific needs of your website and applications.
  • Advanced Security Measures: Benefit from heightened security protocols, ensuring your website and data are protected against sophisticated threats.
  • Dedicated Support Team: Gain direct access to a dedicated support team, ready to assist with any hosting-related queries or needs, ensuring maximum uptime.

What Happens After I Sign Up?

Welcome aboard the THS Maintenance and Assurance Plan! We’re excited to get started and ensure your website performs at its best. Here’s what you can expect in three simple steps:

Step 1:

Introduction Call

Jumpstart your THS experience by booking an introductory call. This is where we’ll discuss your website’s needs and how to securely share access.

Step 2:

Initial Review and Setup

After our call, our team gets straight to work with an initial review of your site, setting everything up for ongoing maintenance and support.

Step 3:

Ongoing Support and Updates

With everything in place, you’ll receive regular updates on your website’s performance, along with proactive maintenance and support to keep your site running smoothly.

Ready to boost your website’s performance and keep it in perfect shape?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are changes on my site included?

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing excellent service, all our valued clients on the Website Maintenance Plan are entitled to request changes to their websites. However, please note that these changes are not included in the maintenance plan. Instead, we offer a special discounted hourly rate for any alterations, modifications, or enhancements you may wish to implement. We believe this flexible arrangement allows you to manage updates to your website as necessary, while maintaining the assurance of our dedicated support and professional expertise.

Do I receive a monthly report?

Certainly! We will provide you with a comprehensive report that includes detailed information about the work we have carried out, any issues that have been raised and successfully resolved. The report will also cover important metrics such as Page Speed, PHP errors, website size, database status, and overall website health.

Can you provide my website with written and image content?

We take pleasure in offering you ideas and suggestions; however, it is important to note that we cannot provide you with actual written content. We offer a Content Upload Add-On, however this does not include generating content. Content must be provided by yourself.

Do you setup Google Analytics?

We offer Google Analytics setup services to help you track and analyze website data effectively. Additionally, we can assist you in setting up Google Console, which allows us to monitor various aspects of your site, including broken links, sitemaps, core web vitals, and mobile usability. By leveraging these tools, we ensure your website’s optimal performance and user experience.

Is SEO Marketing including in the plan?

Regrettably, that is not possible. SEO marketing, similar to web development, demands specialized skills and expertise. Nonetheless, we are more than willing to assist you in finding the perfect SEO specialist to meet your specific requirements.

How many websites do you cover?

Our coverage extends solely to your primary website and primary domain. Staging or development sites are not included. However, you have the option to add additional websites to your plan.

Will you renew my plugin or software licences?

On a monthly basis, we take care of updating all the plugins and software on your website. Our team ensures that each update is thoroughly tested for compatibility, functionality, and error-free performance.

However, it is your responsibility to renew any necessary licenses, including those for recommended or essential plugins and software that we may suggest. We will provide guidance and recommendations for these renewals, but the actual process and associated costs would be handled by you.

Will you make Design changes to my Website?

For any design changes you require, we will provide a new quotation to accurately reflect the scope of the modifications. However, we may make minor adjustments to improve accessibility without additional charges. To ensure adherence to industry standards, we utilize Google Lighthouse to monitor and assess the accessibility of your website.

Do you provide a Google Analytics full report?

We do not offer a comprehensive breakdown of the Google Analytics report. However, as part of our monthly report, we can provide a snapshot or highlight specific tasks/events from the report.

Would you manage my CRM System Management?

We can help with the setup your CRM, along with linking/connecting to your website. However we do not manage your CRM for you but we do offer a Content Upload Add-on.

Do you cover Server Maintenance?

We offer PHP updates as part of our services. However, since your website is hosted on a third-party server, we are unable to directly maintain it. Nonetheless, we are available to assist you in ensuring that everything is properly configured on your server.

Will you renew my hosting plan?

If you’re currently enjoying our Shared Hosting Add-On or Dedicated Hosting Add-On, we’re here to ensure a seamless renewal process for you.

If you’ve chosen to utilize your own hosting solutions outside of our add-ons, please remember that you will need to contact your current hosting provider directly for renewal. Our team is always here to assist with any transitions or to answer any questions you may have about integrating your hosting solution with our services.

Whichever option you choose, our goal is to provide you with the support and solutions you need to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently. For any further assistance or to discuss your hosting needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Will you renew or purchase my domain?

To renew your domain, you will need to reach out to your current domain registrar directly. Please be aware that this renewal process is not included in our maintenance plan.

Will you upload content?

We offer a Content Up Add-On. Just provide us with the written text and accompanying images, and we’ll take care of the rest. This package includes up to 3 blog posts or pages, ensuring your content is expertly uploaded and ready to captivate your audience.