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THS DreamEditor: Simple ACF Frontend Editor

$153.60 / year

Your ACF-Powered WordPress Editing Sidekick

Hello, digital creators and code wizards! We’re excited to roll out THS DreamEditor, a nifty WordPress plugin that’s here to make your website editing tasks a breeze. Crafted with care by the code lovers at Two Hours Sleep, we’re all about enhancing your web development journey, one plugin at a time.

Please refer to our documentation page for detailed instructions and helpful resources.

What’s THS DreamEditor All About?

Embark on a smoother WordPress adventure with THS DreamEditor. Crafted by Two Hours Sleep, this plugin is your tool for easy content editing, turning web development dreams into reality without the complexity.

A Seamless Extension of ACF

THS DreamEditor isn’t just any plugin; it’s a powerful extension designed specifically for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) enthusiasts. It enhances your WordPress experience by enabling you to edit content directly from the frontend, leveraging the flexibility and power of ACF.

Whether you’re dealing with Text, Textarea, Images, WYSIWYG, Numbers, Emails, URLs, or Links, THS DreamEditor integrates seamlessly, making content updates a walk in the park.

Easy Setup, Easier Usage

We understand that time is of the essence, especially when you’re in the zone, crafting and creating on your WordPress site. That’s why THS DreamEditor is designed with simplicity in mind — from a smooth setup process to an even smoother editing experience. No need to tangle with complex configurations or steep learning curves.

Features That Spark Joy

Front End Editing Magic

Edit your content directly where it resides, making the editing process intuitive and straightforward.

Seamless ACF Integration

Designed to work in harmony with Advanced Custom Fields, it empowers you to tailor your site with ease.

For Developers, By Developers

Crafted from a developer’s perspective, ensuring an insightful, user-friendly experience that resonates with your workflow.

Unmatched Support

We’re committed to providing excellent support to ensure your experience with THS DreamEditor is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

A Heartfelt Creation

At Two Hours Sleep, we’re passionate about more than just coding; we’re about forging connections. We strive to develop tools that not only address your needs but also add a sprinkle of enjoyment to your day. THS DreamEditor is our newest creation, built to streamline your WordPress editing experience while keeping the vibe light and engaging.

Dive Into Simpler WordPress Editing

Leap into the era of effortless WordPress editing with THS DreamEditor. It’s the friendly tool you’ve been looking for, designed to bring simplicity, effectiveness, and a bit of cheer to your web development tasks.

Embark on this adventure with us and let’s craft something incredible together. Try THS DreamEditor now and transform the way you edit your WordPress sites.

Here’s to creating, editing, and dreaming big, together!