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THS Base theme – Updates and Support

From: £10.00 / month with a 3-month free trial and a £10.00 sign-up fee

The Two Hours Sleep Base Wordpress theme, simple and flexible. This subscription give you a licence to updates and basic support on our themes.

  • Updates and fixes
  • Basic support
  • New features and improvements will be added over time.

This theme comes with a flexible but simple content builder. Popup’s and Testimonials are also included. It is also WooCommerce ready and as been used for this very site.



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Theme sections, build a site your way.

With 12 sections to chose from, you can choose the best that works for your content. Unlike page builder you’ll don’t need to worry about the design or how things work on mobile. Focus on what really matters, the content. We’ve been working on these sections for years and we believe they provide the best flexibility to be truly useful with out being convoluted.

  • Use as many sections as you like
  • Build complex pages easily
  • Don’t worry about mobile, it’s handled!

Basic support

Get basic support, this includes updates and how to’s. If you need full support then have a look at our Maintenance plan.

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